Sunday Mornings

Through relevant teaching and energetic praise and worship, we gather together on Sunday mornings to celebrate God and be inspired and encouraged to live a missional life.  Worship moves through singing, prayer, fellowship and teaching—altogether bringing us LIFE!

We offer two identical services on Sunday mornings at 9:00 & 10:45 am.

Nursery and Kids Alive (birth–5th grade) are available during both services.

Show up early to get a good seat and a cup of coffee. 

What to expect

We understand it can be a little overwhelming when visiting a church for the first time, and we want you to feel as comfortable here as possible. Listed below are just a few common questions we hear. If you have any additional questions please feel free to give us a call at the church office (616.457.5483) or stop by the Grow Wall in the Worship Center when you visit! 

Where do I park?

You will find our main parking lot on the west side of our building but there are additional spots around the building. We also have parking available at Georgetown Chiropractic office,  Jenison Public Schools International Academy, Bob's Butcher Block, the east side of Rebounderz, and the west side of Georgetown Tire. Please do not park in the strip mall north of Alive. Click here for a detailed parking map. 

What is a Worship Service like? 

Worship services begin at 9 & 10:45 am and last about an hour and half. We encourage you to come 10 minutes early so you have time to get some coffee and bagels, check your kids in, and find a seat. After a time of singing and prayer, the children are dismissed to Kids Alive. Then it's half time! This is when you can get some more coffee, grab a bagel and say hi to those around you, all while hearing about the events and news at Alive. After half time there is a time of teaching from God's Word. We have Bibles available for you to use and take home if you would like one. You can also access the Bible on your tablet or phone during the message with our wifi. 

What should I wear?

We are very casual and encourage you to come as you are and wear what makes you most comfortable. God doesn't care whether your attire is formal or casual; after all, he looks at the heart. So come as you are.

Where do my children go? 

Kids Alive is the perfect place for your children—infant through 5th grade—to attend while you are in the Worship Service. Check your children in before worship starts at the Check-In Desk. Infants (birth–3 years) may be dropped off in the nursery any time, but your older children (3 years–5th grade) stay with you through the beginning worship time and are dismissed prior to half time. 

Where do I go once I walk in the building?

Whether you're trying to get to the Café, the Student Center, or the restrooms, we have directional signage to point you to the right place. If you're here for an event, the doors have large, highly visible letters to guide you to the correct entrance. We want you to feel welcome—because you belong here! 

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All Things New

 To listen to recorded teachings, click here.

When we think of heaven, and all the things that come with it—no more sickness or mourning, the perfection and glory, the ability to know and love God, all the things that will be new—it seems like it is so far off, like none of it will happen until after we die. But that’s a lie. 

The new things begin NOW! We have them already. We are already made new in Christ. We can know God, now. We have eternal hope, now. 

Imagine what life could be like if we lived now like we think we will then! Imagine…

We would walk, talk, serve, and worship so differently. Be a part of this new series, ‘All Things New’ and discover the new REAL you! 

Note from Sunday, August 23:

Friends, I am so glad you were able to be in worship, to dig into the Word together (you can listen online if you missed it). We talked about the word 'love' meaning "to prefer; to prefer God himself, and what he prefers", and after that, we talked about how our broken hearts often set our love and preference on idols—those things inside and outside of us that we love so much that we sometimes forget God. 

The solution to our brokenness is for God to give us a new heart—a heart made of the same stuff that His is made of. We looked at Psalm 103:8–12 to know what His heart is like. The line that starts verse 8 is also present in other verses. I encourage you to read these verses out loud to each other this week, to center your thoughts and your love on the One who loves YOU. 

Here they are, and God bless you as you enjoy falling in love again.

Psalm 103:8–12

Psalm 86:15

Psalm 145:8

Numbers 14:18

Exodus 34:6

Joel 2:13

Nehemiah 9:17

Jonah 4:2