Small Groups

Kick-off starts September 16 with the Move event, 4 pm at Alive. Classes begin meeting September 17. Click to see what small groups are happening for the 2018-19 season. 

At the core of our small group ministry is how to think with the mind of Christ. How is our mind renewed and transformed so that believers can work out for themselves the thousands of things that Scriptures did not tell them for today’s culture? Our focus is on learning how to study Scriptures, grow in our knowledge of God, and develop life skills for today’s world. There are three types of small groups, each designed to help us grow as disciples of Christ in today’s world.


Renewing our minds. Focus on growing in the knowledge of Scripture and of God, and applying that knowledge to life. To sign up for an Equip Group, check out the list below. 


Transforming our lives. Focus on growing as disciples of Christ, developing spiritual practices that train us in faithfulness. Email Diane to sign up for a Formation Group

  • SPIRITUAL FORMATION GROUPS: Week 1 is praying Scripture (lectio divina); week 2 is developing spiritual practices that train us in faithfulness; week 3 is living out our life’s mission.
  • LIFE FORMATION GROUPS: Groups use two of the three elements of Spiritual Formation. The third element is the choice of each group with a specific purpose (marriage, parenting, prayer, justice, etc).


Peers mentoring peers in group settings.

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