Serve at Alive

We believe that serving at home is a huge part of being on mission.

God has gifted everyone with special talents and resources. Whether you have lots of time to give or only a few hours every once in a while, consider making the kind of impact that only you can make.

To learn about ways Alive's community partners and how to serve in the community, click here

Service opportunities at Alive

We have many ways that you can connect and serve at Alive!

  • Prayer Team

    The Prayer Team prays for Alive and its ministries, as well as all the prayer requests that are submitted through the week. They meet the first and third Mondays of every month at 6:30 pm to pray together.

    To serve, contact Jan Palma.

  • CARE Team

    The Care Team supports the Council by providing additional care for those with ongoing spiritual and physical needs.

    To serve, contact Jan Palma.

  • Helps ministry

    The Helps Ministry volunteers their skilled and manual labor to assist the Deacons at Alive in coming alongside of those in need in our congregation and community.

    To serve, contact Gary Mallekoote.

  • Welcome Team

    The Welcome Team is designed to help every person who enters Alive feel comfortable, valued, and cared for.

    To serve, contact Judy Elenbaas

  • Café Team

    The Café Team creates a warm atmosphere where people feel welcome by providing good coffee, cold drinks, and bagels.

    To serve, contact Dawn VanKoevering.

  • Worship Team

    The Worship Team is responsible for helping lead the congregation in authentic worship on Sundays. After auditioning, musicians and vocalists practice and preform together as a cohesive team.

    To serve, contact Kerri Clark.


    The Production Team is responsible for all of the technical areas of Sunday morning worship. This includes things like running the lyrics slides on the overhead screens and operating sound and lights.

    To serve, contact Doug Gelder.

  • Kids Alive

    Kids Crew: Kids Crew leads children, birth through 6th grade, to CONNECT with Christ, GROW in love with Christ and his world, and learn what it means to GO on mission and live out their faith. They journey with kids through small groups, big groups, and special events.  

    Nursery: The Nursery is a great way to bless parents by providing loving, intentional care for their babies and toddlers during Sunday morning worship and teaching.

    Fifty6: Fifty6 is a branch of Kids Alive for 5th and 6th graders that offers fun and challenges kids to go deeper with their faith, all while providing opportunities to connect and build relationships with each other.

    Check-in Team: The Kids Alive Check-In Team helps welcome and check-in new families and regular attenders to the Kids Alive programming (birth–6th grade).

    To serve, contact Juliana Clink.

  • Student Ministries

    Seventy8 Leadership Team: Leaders of the Seventy8 ministry promote community, spiritual growth, and mentorship within the age group of 7th and 8th grades.

    Senior High Leadership Team: Leaders of the Senior High ministry promote community, spiritual growth, and mentorship within the age group of 9th through 12th grades.

    To serve, contact Evan Bronkema.

  • College and Young Adult Ministries

    College and Young Adult Ministry is central to Alive's mission! We strive to help young adults own their faith, discover their identity in Christ, connect in meaningful relationships, and use their God-given gifts to make an impact in the world.

    To serve, contact Rich Visser.

  • Meals Ministry

    The Meals Ministry comes alongside families and individuals in times of celebration or crisis by providing meals, hospitality, and encouragement.

    To serve, text or call Stacey Tuttle at 616.437.0529.

  • Facilities Team

    The Facilities Team uses their skills to do much-needed work around Alive, including things like construction, painting, and maintenance.

    To serve, contact Khristy Hansen.

  • Set up / tear down team

    The Set Up / Tear Down Team helps with setting up and tearing down chairs, tables, etc. for worship when necessary and with special events.

    To serve, contact Khristy Hansen.

  • Photo team

    The Photo Team connects those with a passion for photography with opportunities to use their gifts. Members of the Photo Team take pictures of events and services to use for the website, social media, and more.

    To serve, contact Emily Garcia.