Missions & Scholarships

Alive Ministries values experiences. Much of our faith formation happens when we leave the familiar, step out and try something new. Your young adult years are a great time to explore and engage your faith and your world in a new way, whether through a missions trip, study tour or even a conference. But it's also a time when you might not have the funds. We want to partner with you in both prayer and financial assistance. 

If you are interested in a scholarship from Alive towards your next adventure fill out this form and email it to Justin.

Requirements for eligibility:

  1. Regular attender of Alive Ministries
  2. Completed application submitted to Carrie 30 days prior to the date money is needed. 
  3. 18-30 years old

The Classis Georgetown Student Fund is also available. It is for those who are members in full communion of the one of the churches of Classis Georgetown and who are full-time students at a Reformed Institution preparing for full-time ordained or unordained ministry in a church or agency within the CRC. Click here for more info and to apply.