This week's prayer requests

  • Strength and courage for Shelby Powell's mother facing an unexpected journey. For Shelby as she juggles her commitments and walks with her mother. For God to fill them with His amazing grace and power.
  • Thankful that Dale Rozema is home again following a second surgery to remove a bacterial infection that has gone into the bone. For the medication to contain and stop the infection with no more setbacks to his healing. For Jacob their son to continue healing from his foot and ankle rebuild with good pain control and able to move on to therapy.
  • Continued healing for Evert Klomp following knee replacement. For the therapy to do the work needed and healing is complete.
  • For all those from Alive who have lost family members. For the hope of the resurrection to carry and fill each one with peace and comfort.
  • Thankful for the messages our pastors bring each week. That through the messages heard we can see how our lives can be Simply Generous as God draws our hearts back to Him so we honor Him with all that we have.
  • As we anticipate Thanksgiving and all the gifts God has given us, help us to remember those in our community with needs; whether they lost a job, can't work due to mental or physical issues, in college. For us to share with those in need extending the love of Jesus to others. For every bag for the JPS students to be filled so no one goes without, for each bag to be a blessing from God.
  • For a protective covering around Alive and all who worship, work, or serve in any capacity. May all the work bring glory to God, for anything used by the enemy to break down and cause disunity be stopped in the name of Jesus. Praying for each home represented to be strengthened by the Holy Spirit.

Everyone is welcome to join in prayer for Alive and our community:

  • 1st and 3rd Monday of each month, 6:30 pm at 263
  • Wednesday mornings at 6:00 am, at 263