This week's prayer requests

-Becky Swanson, daughter of Ken and Louis Haagsma, underwent surgery for a carcinoid tumor on her lung. Becky is 15 weeks pregnant. They removed part of her lung; she was is in much pain after surgery. Praying complete recovery for Becky, relief from pain, no reoccurrence of the tumor, and protection for her unborn baby.

-For hearts and lives that are drawn in as we experience holy week. That the story won't get lost in the familiar. That we'll be reminded of the full extent of God's love for us.


-For boldness to invite someone who maybe doesn't do church regularly, to come to Easter service.


-Prayers for Teresa Waterloo as she recovers from eye surgery and needs to be face down for 8 days. Pray the days will pass quickly. Patience in the process. Success this time around.


-Prayers of healing for others who have recently had surgery, or who may be on a long road of recovery. That good health, peace and patience may be theirs, in what can seem like a lengthy process.


-For our college students, ending out their last semester. Capacity to accomplish all that needs to be finished. Stamina. Finish strong. A good summer break.


-Pray protection over Alive. Over the building, staff, council, board and attendees. Pray that the devil would not have even have a toehold in any capacity.


-Praying protection over marriages and families. May God be the center of the home. The direction giver for every decision. Their sustainer in tough times.

Everyone is welcome to join in prayer for Alive and those in our community. Monday, May 6 - 6:30 p.m. at 263!