Alive has three areas of leadership: the Council (Elders and Deacons), the Board (administrators for finance, facility, safety, IT, and human resources), and the Staff (the implementers of ministries).

Alive has a very clear target - there are almost 32,000 people in the township that don’t have a church home. It is Alive’s primary goal to bring LIFE to community, and our teams lead us in that direction.


  • Terry Scholten

    lead pastor

    I get the joy of being Alive’s lead pastor and teacher. Before coming to Alive, I helped lead congregations in Jenison, Hudsonville, Illinois and Indiana in the areas of Students, Spiritual Formation, Pastoral Care and Leadership. I graduated from Calvin Seminary, Western Seminary, and Dordt College.

    My wife Sheryl and I have two children who are both married and live in Michigan, with three wonderful grandsons. I love dark coffee, cooking, reading fiction, all kinds of music, garden and remodel projects, long walks and spending time with my family. I have wild dreams of either being a writer some day, or owning a car wash. My claim to fame: In 1970’s I won a live dance contest doing the “robot” to Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony before a live audience.




    I am the Discipleship and Care Pastor at Alive, which means that I direct and  have the wonderful responsibility of working with the other discipleship staff to care for and encourage you in your walk with God. On Sunday mornings, you might likely find me engaged in some focused one-on-one conversation with someone, and you will probably never find me multi-tasking! (I’m the worst at it…ask my family!)

    My husband’s name is Michael and we have two children—Alexis and Caleb. I received my MDiv from Western Theological Seminary in Holland, MI, which is also the town where I grew up. After recently spending the last 10 years in Farmington NM, pastoring a Navajo church there, my family and I feel very blessed to be back home in western Michigan!

    I believe that people only really come “alive” as they learn to cooperate with the Spirit of God more closely, trust in Jesus more deeply, and love God more fully. (John 15:5 Jesus said, “I am the vine, you are the branches. If you remain in me, you will bear much fruit. Without me you can do nothing.”) So my mission at Alive is to pray, to listen, to counsel, and to encourage you towards these ends.


  • Kerri Clark

    Worship Director

    I have the privilege to plan our worship services and help lead the congrgation into worship. My husband, Aaron, and I have 2 young children, Chase and Chelsea. Our family enjoys spending our summers camping.


  • Doug Gelder

    Worship & Event Productions Director

    I get to do what I really love, lead our production teams on Sunday morning. My wife, Rachelle, and I have 3 daughters, Jessica, Kelsey and Morgan. Our family enjoys spending time together.


  • emily garcia

    Communications Coordinator

    I am the Creative Communications Coordinator at Alive. That means that I am in charge of all things visual, whether it's inside the church, outside the church, or online. I have my Bachelor's in Graphic Design from Grand Valley, and have worked with several churches and Christian non-profits. I specialize in consistent branding, and have an obsession with anything type.

    I'm married to my best friend, Michael, and we spend our free time exploring, biking, creating, Netflix/Hulu surfing, and laughing at our cats.


  • Khristy Hansen

    Office & facilities Manager

    I joined the staff as office manager in August of 2015. I'm enjoying the time spent helping the Board of Directors with the day to day work in the office and the time getting to fellowship with the people that make Alive Ministries come alive. My family and I have been attending regularly since Alive moved into the old Georgetown Library building. We have enjoyed the journey that Alive has taken our family on. I am married to Bob and we have three girls and one son-in-law. When we are not at church you will probably find our family on a sports field someplace or working a concession stand at Jenison High School.

    Contact Khristy with facility reservation requests. Please include date, time starting and ending, and number of people expected.


  • Juliana Clink

    Children's Ministry Director

    I am thankful for the privilege and delight of sharing the hope I have in Christ as the Children’s Ministry Director here at Alive Ministries. From a young age, I knew that I loved Jesus and am thrilled with the opportunity to share my faith and encourage, equip, and empower others to grow in faith in Jesus, as well. I have been a teacher, Worship Arts Minister, dance teacher, Children’s Ministry Director, speaker, and have served in ministry to women, children, and adults in multiple volunteer capacities. Yet, no matter where I am or what I am doing in life, I have continued to see God’s faithfulness and love- often in surprising ways.

    I grew up in Jenison (my maiden name was Triggs), lived in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Grand Rapids, Emo, Ontario, and am now back in Jenison, with my husband, Troy, of 25 years. We have 4 children—Jonathan, Nathanial, Darnell, and Cheyenne—and a little dog named Ollie. I love to write songs, read, sing, go to movies, watch upbeat Bollywood and Korean Dramas, and hang out with my family whenever I can. I look forward to growing together in Christ with Alive Ministries—not just as a staff member, but as one in the body of Christ.


  • Rich visSer

    College and young adult ministries director

    I am thrilled to serve as Young Adult and College Ministry Director at Alive. I live on the northwest side of Grand Rapids with my wife, Caitlin, and our two children, Finn (age 5) and Rowan (age 2). Caitlin serves as a hospice chaplain at Heartland Hospice.  I grew up in the west suburbs of Chicago and graduated from Trinity Christian College and Calvin Seminary. For the past 5 years, I have served as Family Based Ministries Director right down the road at Ridgewood CRC.

    I enjoy having good conversations with people over coffee, playing with my kids, living life with Caitlin, gardening, and working on our 100-year-old house.  I consider it a privilege to walk alongside people as they journey through the ups and downs of life and discover more about themselves and the work that God is doing in this world.

  • Justin burns

    Adult ministries & outreach director

    I love serving through serving, teaching, discipleship, counseling, and living life together. I am blessed to be able to serve in the Adult Discipleship and Outreach position. I am passionate about inviting others into the loving Kingdom of God and bringing that bright Kingdom into the darkness.

    My wife, Andrea, and I have a son named Sage. We have been attending Alive since 2017 and have loved being here. I enjoy everything about games, anything nature-related, and having intimate conversations about life and God. I dream to one day run a ministry to help stop homelessness and provide ways for people who are homeless to get back on their feet spiritually, financially, and emotionally.


  • Evan Bronkema

    Student Ministries Director

    My name is Evan Bronkema! I started attending Alive the summer of 2014 and I've loved it ever since! I now have the privilege of directing the Student Ministries. My biggest passion is seeing teenagers open their hearts to Christ! Feel free to ask me about anything! I’m a huge music and theatre nerd and can talk about it for hours. And I’m always down to play a round of Mario Kart for whoever wants to challenge me.


  • Jill Scholma

    Building Custodian

    I have the privilege to clean up after everybody, from services to kids having fun at 263. I enjoy being on the Journey with Alive! I love the people and I love the coffee! 

    In my free time I enjoy working in my frame shopping in the spring I help coach softball at Unity Christian. My husband, Randy, and I have 3 grown children, two of which are married. As a family we enjoy camping, fishing and going to sporting events. 


In partnership with the Board of Directors and Staff, the Council of Elders and Deacons will ensure missional worship, discipleship and care. Please let us know if there are connection or care needs that we can help you with on your journey.

We have made it easy for you to identify who your elder and deacon are based on your last name — see the photos below to find yours.

  • Sherri Thenn

    elder  ••  A-B

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  • Jesse Snellink

    Deacon •• A-B

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  • Ken Kooistra

    Elder  ••  C-G

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  • Shelley


    Deacon  ••  c-G

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  • Jack wierenga

    Elder  ••  H-K

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  • Jim Nickels

    Deacon  ••  H-K

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  • Bob PALMA

    Elder  ••  L-Q

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  • Gary mallekoote

    Deacon  ••  L-q

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  • Steve


    Elder  ••  r-u

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  • Lauren Barber

    Deacon  ••  R-U

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  • Tom Bosch

    Elder  ••  v-z

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    Deacon  ••  V-Z

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Alive's Board is tasked with setting the ministry free by directing its finances, facilities, human resources and administration. These administrative functions, in collaboration with the Council and the Staff, help the Elders and Deacons focus primarily on missional worship, engaging discipleship, and pastoral care. 

  • Kristin paul


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  • Mitch Koster


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  • Nate cook


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  • Julie haveman

    assistant Treasurer

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  • Scott


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  • Terry


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  • amanda


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  • Doug


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  • Kevin


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  • Karl


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