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Current and next steps

Since May of 2017, a Church Planting Implementation Team for Alive 2.0 has been working on strategies for Vision, Strategies, Finances, an Application to the denomination, and a Church Planter Profile. 

All that work was presented to the Alive 2.0 Partners Team on April 17, 2018. We celebrate the plant team’s work, and we are so glad that the Partners Team approved all their work, giving them the go-ahead to keep working at their strategies. 

How you can pray for Alive 2.0:

  • demographic studies to determine location  
  • preparation for Carrie to the the plant leader
  • build the Core Team of 70+ that will launch the new church    

See I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the desert. Isaiah 43:19

Click the links for more info about the people on the Alive 2.0 Teams and the timeline for the planting process. 

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Alive 2.0 Vision

  • Christ-Centered: a Christian church with fundamentals rooted in the doctrines of the CRC.
  • Dynamic: light and lively. Casual, happy, joyful, different. All will feel welcome.
  • Biblically-based story telling style
  • In Community: part of the fabric. Meeting the needs of the community we desire to reach. 

Our regular practices will include: 

  • High-energy worship
  • Opportunities for in-depth study and reflection
  • Youth development
  • Community engagement. 

We will value authenticity, inclusion, restoration, partnership, disciple making, and outreach. Click to read more about our vision.

History: reaching the next 800

In 2016, Alive formed a Strategic Team made up of Staff, Board, Council, and a member of the church. The purpose of the team was to form a recommendation on how to address the central question:


“How can Alive best connect with the next 800 people in our community

who are (or feel) disconnected from Christ?”


Throughout the last year, the team had many discussions with experts, talked to leaders of other congregations who managed significant growth, surveyed those attending Alive, and surveyed about 130 un-churched people. Taking all the information into consideration, the Team formed a recommendation. In May of 2017, that recommendation was shared with the the Board and Council.  

  1. Develop a multi-campus model starting with a single plant.

  2. Present facts and finding to the congregation.

  3. Invest in the current infrastructure to support this approach.

  4. Apart from a growth strategy, address other issues identified in this process.

Here is the presentation explaining the process and findings leading to the recommendation. As you work through the information, you will see the recommendation for the best way to reach the next 800 is to plant another church vs. building or buying a larger facility for this congregation.

Why plant a second church?

Based on research done in Georgetown Township, almost half of our community does not have a relationship with a local congregation. Is it possible that some, or most of them don't also have a relationship with Jesus? That means that there are 32,000 reasons to be on mission!

One thing we learned in our research is that if someone was going to decide to attend a church, they would prefer a church of about 400 people. Alive 1.0 is already past that. So it's time to plant again. 

Alive is already in the process is building teams that will lead, implement, and design the vision and path for the new church plant. (All that info is above).