Growth Strategy Letter

July 30, 2017

Dear Alive Family:

In the Alive Quarterly Leadership Letter, dated April 1, there was an update on the Strategic Team that was formed about a year ago. The Team included members from Staff, Board, Council and a member of the church.   The purpose of the team was to form a recommendation on how to address the central question:


“How can Alive best connect with the next 800 people in our community

who are (or feel) disconnected from Christ?”


Throughout the last year, the team had many discussions with experts, other congregations which managed significant growth, surveyed those attending Alive, and surveyed about 130 un-churched people.  Taking all the information into consideration the Team formed a recommendation.  In May, that recommendation was shared with the the Board and Council.  


  1. Develop a multi-campus model starting with a single plant

  2. Present facts and finding to the congregation

  3. Invest in the current infrastructure to support this approach

  4. Apart from a growth strategy, address other issues identified in this process


The next step is to share the recommendation with the congregation before moving ahead and creating and implementing strategies for multiplication. Attached is the presentation explaining the process and findings leading to the recommendation.  As you work through the information, you will see the recommendation for the best way to reach the next 800 who are (or feel) disconnected from Christ is to plant another church vs. building or buying a larger facility for this congregation. This may or may not come as a surprise so we ask that you carefully read through the attached presentation (which is available at this link: Growth Strategy Slide.)  


We will be hosting an Alive Family Meeting at 263 on Monday July 17th at 7:00pm to walk through the information together and open it for Q&A.  The hope is at the end of that meeting we will be in a position to take a poll of those who are “in favor” or “against” the recommendation.  Assuming there is considerable support for the recommendation, we would also like to make a motion during the meeting that any funds raised from previous capital campaigns “may” be used for a plant.  


If you would like to express your thoughts but are unable to make the meeting, please send an email to by 5:00pm on July 14th so your thoughts and opinions can be taken into consideration.


We hope you will be able to attend the Alive Family Meeting on Monday, July 17th. In the meantime, please pray for the Holy Spirit’s leadership in this matter.




Tom Waterloo, President Board of Directors.

Terry Scholten, Lead Pastor