The Alive Board of Directors (BOD) is made up of ten members which includes the President, VP, Clerk, and Finance Team Leaders. At the end of this particular year, three members of the BOD will be retiring, and we will be nominating to fill four positions. The Council is comprised of six elders and six deacons, of which two elders and two deacons are completing their terms at year end. We are so grateful for the service these leaders have given in directing community in the LIFE-giving journey here at Alive Ministries.   

For this coming year, we would appreciate your help in replacing these board and council members by receiving nominations from you. Here are a few questions you may have as you prayerfully consider this:



For the Board, think about individuals who have been on the journey with Alive long enough to know what we are about and are sold out to the mission and vision of Alive. These persons would be on mission themselves, reaching into our community to build relationships that bring LIFE. People to nominate would possess an evangelical faith, be strategic thinkers, and be communicators with vision.


For the Council, there are different requirements, including membership at Alive, biblical qualifications, and particular functions different from the board. Click here to view a list of members eligible for council nomination.




There are two ways:

2) Fill out the nominations form found at the Connect Wall.

  • There is also a drop box there for your completed forms.
  • Alive is committed not to hold bias against age or gender for these positions and anyone is welcome to nominate himself/herself.
  • Alternatively, you can print the BOD brochureCouncil brochure, then drop off completed forms at the Connect Wall.

1) Send your nominations via email:

  • for BOD, to
  • for Council, to
    Please identify whom you are nominating and for which leadership role: board, elder, or deacon.



Please return your nominations for both board and council members no later than Sunday, October 21.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this process. As always, we covet your prayers for wisdom and for capacity in leadership and mission as together we do all we can and do whatever it takes to bring LIFE to our community.