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Alive’s Pathway to Membership: 

There is only one class that we now require for membership. It's called the CORE CLASS.

In Core Class, we will cover...

What membership means and why it matters

How to connect to discipleship and mission at Alive

What we believe

What is our "membership covenant"?

You will also have the wonderful opportunity to meet your council members

and share your story of faith with them!

Our next Core Class will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 11th from 6:30-8:30pm.

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(membership is a prerequisite for Baptism at Alive) 

For more information about Baptism Click Here


Becoming a member is just the beginning!

There are lots of ways to then continue growing as a disciple, 

developing your gifts

and engaging in your mission!

AFTER CORE CLASS, we encourage all new members to do the following...

  • Join a Small Group

    Our Equip and formation groups are designed to help you grow in your understanding of Scripture, your daily spiritual practices, and your missional presence in the world around you!


    Momentum classes are designed to help you discover your God-given purpose and understand better how God has shaped you to glorify him!