Leadership Lifeline

December 2017

Vital Signs

Letter from Pastor Terry

Friends - it’s Advent already, and Christmas is just around the corner. This is a unique time for looking back while looking forward. There are amazing things on the horizon for Alive Ministries. The turn of the calendar will usher in 2018, and in the upcoming year, Alive will grow wider and deeper. Alive is on the journey to plant, making room for more of our community to be a part of a new community, and possibly making some room here at 263. Wider is good, as it opens more doors to make more connections, building relationship in our communities. At the same time, we are also growing deeper: deeper in discipleship, in the word, in being equipped, in being more confident of our identity in Christ. Alive’s leadership is aligned and collaborates like a well-oiled machine—strong like a Ford. Oops, did I say that? The leadership groups, board, council, and staff are working hard at accomplishing four high priority goals this year:

  1. Connecting the disconnected in our community.
  2. Caring for those at Alive.
  3. Creating an equipping culture.
  4. Concentration on students and young adults.

I think everyone at Alive will be leaning forward next year, excited and filled with anticipation for what’s next. I can feel it; when we gather for worship, I see your joy and love, and when we meet in small groups or task groups, I experience your energy and passion for the mission.

Looking back at 2017, it has been an amazing year. Alive is strong—financially, in leadership, in vision and mission, and in living that out in community. We continue to be a place to belong, but without making you busy—leaving lots of room to create opportunities to build relationships with those in the congregation and in the community. Alive also added four new staff this summer, making us stronger. With a new communication coordinator and leaders for children’s, student’s, and adult ministries, we have never been more resourced to help equip, empower, and to send Alive on mission. Missions trips, missions offerings, community service and partnerships have all seen growth, as have our prayer ministry, care ministries, and our private or confidential times of counsel and healing. I just want to say, as one of your pastors, good job Alive! Your obedience is a blessing, and it is God-honoring.

I am so excited for what we get to do together. If you want to know how or where to get connected and equipped, check out the website, read the pulse, or contact a staff person. You have tons of opportunities — which will you choose?

Hurricane Relief Updates

Thank you to everyone who has helped those affected by hurricanes through the giving of funds, items, and prayer! Your contributions have made an impact. Click here to check out updates and letters from New Life Church, World Renew Disaster Relief, and Volunteers in Action. And stay tuned for a boots-on-the-ground opportunity to serve in Texas!

Alive 2.0

We don’t know if “Alive 2.0” will be the name of the new plant, but it is helpful to have a working title. 2.0 helps us understand that the new church, although it may look and feel different, will have the same DNA as Alive does. Alive 1.0 and 2.0 are on mission to connect the disconnected in our community by building relationships with those in our relational circles. We all know someone who does not know Jesus, or does not have a church home. The mission is enduring, but Alive 2.0 will be a very different experience.

To lead and oversee the process, we have three teams:

  1. The Implementation Team is the team that develops and launches the plant, overseeing day to day activities in the process, and identifies and acquires the planter.
  2. The Partners Team ensures the launch plan and implementation match the strategy; they help clear hurdles and serve as communication liaisons. The team is made up of Alive’s Council and Board, Pastor Terry, a member from Classis Georgetown, a member from Resonate Global Mission, and a community partner.
  3. The Prayer Team covers the entire process in prayer, building a hedge around the Implementation and Partners Teams. They will often meet at the same time as the Implementation Team.

Currently the team that needs more members is the Prayer Team. If you would like to be on that team, or be connected to it somehow, please email Brian Scholten or Jeff Elders. Click here for all the latest about Alive 2.0.

Financial Health Report

This chart is a simple graphic to show the overall financial health of Alive. It is not intended to replace deeper discussions into the finances which will occur during family meetings. If you are interested in more details on Alive's finances, keep your ears open for the next family meeting!

Our expenses for the year are in line with plan, but are above last year's due to the completion of the student center. In short, we've had a good, solid year and Alive is in good financial health. 

If you have any questions, please contact Andy Benes.

Learning to Lead

Over the last semester, Alive’s kids and students have had many opportunities to use their gifts in ministry and to grow as leaders! Some serve as helpers in the nursery and younger kids’ classrooms, and others have joined the Worship Crew, a group that is learning to tell stories of God’s faithfulness through skits, songs and stories. In this picture, Jaeden Droughn (aka David) is being interviewed by leader, Jordan Trumpie, about his experience fighting a battle with Goliath. Jaeden started coming to Alive with his friends this past summer and his kindness and helpfulness towards the younger children was evident to his leaders. He eventually took the initiative to volunteer with Kids Alive on the Worship Crew. Jaeden is just one example of the many gifted young leaders that have taken their place in the children’s ministry over the course of this semester, and we are so thankful to God for them!