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Experiencing God

Next Session // winter 2016

This is a 12-week study by Henry Blackaby, using biblical principles helps you recognize that God is inviting you to experience him in an intimate love relationship through which he reveals to you his will, his ways and his work. When you recognize where God is working, you can join him in what he is doing. Facilitated by Con & Judy VanderWerf.

Leadership Nominations Progress updates



The Alive Board of Directors (BOD) is made up of 9 members which includes the President, VP, Clerk, and Finance Team Leaders. At the end of 2015, three members of the BOD transitioned off.. 

We are so grateful for the service these board members have given in leading our community

in the LIFE-giving journey here at Alive Ministries. 

The Alive Council is made up of 8 members (4 elders, 4 deacons). For 2016, it is our hope to add two additional elders and two additional deacons to the current council, which will bring the council membership up to 12. This will increase their capacity to engage discipleship, and eventually allow for rotating members off the council.

Thank you for your participation in the nominations process!

As always, we covet your prayers for wisdom and for capacity in leadership and mission as together

we do all we can and do whatever it takes to bring LIFE to our community.

Board of Directors elections took place in December of 2015.

New officers were elected on January 8, 2016. Those results are listed below in the board section.

Council elections took place on February 7, 2016

After approval for the entire slate the following 2 elders & 2 deacons where chosen by lots... 


Katie Elliott

Rol Scholma


Brian Karsten

Kim Haverdink

Ordination and installation of elders and deacons

and installation for Susan LaClear

is scheduled for sunday, February 14, 2016