Week of Prayer  //  2016

This week we will be putting what we've learned about prayer into action and challenging ourselves in the area of prayer. 

We want to invite you to pray for Alive & our community throughout this week. We have created opportunities to help you focus on prayer from providing a prayer room @263, a 24 hour prayer vigil and ending the week with a Worship & Prayer Celebration. 

Monday-Friday from 8AM-8PM

The community room will be dedicated as a prayer room so you can come pray anytime throughout the day! There will be items in the room to help you focus and pray. We have a Week of Prayer Brochure that is full of prayer prompts to help you pray this week for families, for others on the journey, for the gospel to spread, for the neglected and for Alive & our community.

Saturday, March 12

24 hour Prayer Vigil begins 6am or Saturday, March 12th through 6am on March 13th. 

Sign Up Online for a 15 minute spot and pray right were you are at that time. 

Sunday, March 13

Join us Sunday morning at 9:00am or 10:45am for a Worship and Prayer Celebration!

We would love to hear & share your stories of how God has worked in your life through this seireis on pray... 

please email them to susan@aliveinjenison.org