This week's prayer requests

-Prayers for God's blessing on Alive's picnic. Pray for a good turn out, good weather and good fellowship.

-As summer winds down, prayers for our students gearing up for school, from the youngest to our college age. Pray that God will prepare each one of them for a great year of learning.

-Continued prayers for the upcoming fall season of small groups. May many be Holy Spirit led to have a desire to be involved, maybe even for the first time.

-Lift up our Pastors; Pray protection of mind, body and soul. May they have organization of their time, and the ability to accomplish all God gives them to do.

-Alive 2.0; God's continued,ever-present wisdom and leading.

-Prayers for those affected by the fires in CA. Pray for those fighting them, and for relief. 

Pray with Alive ~ Monday, August 20, 6:30 p.m. at 263. Everyone is welcome!