Prayer Requests  // 11-17-17

Thanksgiving, a time to thank our Heavenly Father for our families, friends, all our blessings, the gift of salvation and promise of eternal life. For all things we give You thanks.

Julie Wignalda is recovering from hip replacement surgery. Julie is having difficulty sleeping at night, is dealing with restrictions following surgery, pray for the pain to lessen and for her to sleep well.

For our council, board, staff, praying for wisdom, unity, and a vision in line with God's will and timing, thankful for every blessing.

Praying for those with family members serving in the military here or deployed far from home. For protection to surround them and for us to be committed to pray for them as they protect and serve.

Help us to heave a heart for others walking through sickness, hurt, or hidden pain, to hear their cry, to stop and give of our time and attention giving of ourselves showing grace, to do what we can for Your glory.

For Alive, that we clearly hear and follow in confidence God's direction and leading on our journey. For the blessings of God beyond what we need or ask.

Pray with Alive Monday, November 20 @6:30 at 263. Everyone is welcome!