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InFellowship is a secure, easy to use online tool that allows attenders of Alive to

• access and update their own contact information

• search the church directory

• connect with their groups

• and give online right here at

InFellowship is a feature of Fellowship One which is Alive’s church management system. 

Go ahead and create your account today! 

It's easy... just click here to open up the Infellowship Portal and click on the 'Sign Up' link. 

(InFellowship registration instructions)


    Once you register for an InFellowship account you will be able to update your profile at anytime. So when you get a new phone number, move to a new home or have to change email addresses you can update this information on your own. This will help us keep in touch with you for important news and announcements as well as help your friends send that wedding invitation or thank you card to the right place!


    This is where you can share your own contact information & find contact information for your Alive friends. Privacy settings are available for each person to limit how much of their information is shown. The more you share, the more we can openly communicate with one another.

    Note: To be part of the directory, you must opt-in by visiting the Privacy Settings and enabling “Include me in the church directory." Please be encouraged to join in so that our directory can grow! 

  • Groups & classes

    Signing up for groups & classes has never been so easy! If you aren't already in a group, search for one! You can use InFellowship to search for a Link Group or Equip Class you feel would be a good fit, and ask to be a part of it.

    Once you are part of a Link Group or Equip Class, you'll be able to easily see and communicate with them through email. 

    •Groups & classes run during the fall & winter seasons. Click Here to see available groups / classes.

  • Giving

    You can also give online! You can make a one time gift or set up a recurring tithe. This is great if you tend to leave your checkbook at home (or don't even have one) or if you can't attend each week because of work or life schedules. You'll be able to manage all of this from your InFellowship Giving account.

    Within InFellowship, you'll also be able to keep up with your giving even before your year end statements get mailed out.

  • User manuals

    Just click on the following Manuals for more information...

    InFellowship Members Manual

    InFellowship Link Group Leaders Manual