Connecting @ Alive

Welcome to Alive Ministries... we are so glad you are here! 

We want you to be fully connected and engaged in the life of the church so that TOGETHER we BRING LIFE to our community! 

There are lots of different ways to be connected but our challenge for you is think of it this way: 

Of all the things you could do... what are you most passionate about? 

We believe that to have a healthy relationship with Christ and the Church you need to be CONNECTING, GROWING and GOING! 

CONNECTING people to Christ and His Church

GROWING together in love with Christ and His world

GOING on mission to bring LIFE to our communities

So take a look around at some of the different opportunities we have to offer and jump in!

If you are having trouble figuring out where to start, set up a meeting with Carrie Rodgers and she will sit down with you, so together you can figure out the best place to start!

Sunday Worship   ••   Online teaching   ••      InFellowship   ••      Prayer    ••   Baptism

 Core Classes     ••      Link Groups    ••     Equip Classes   ••      Serving   ••   The Pulse

Connect with Us

Start Here.

263 Church Street  //  Jenison, MI 49428

616.457.LIVE (5483)

If you like to receive information about our ministries,  about volunteering & serving, or maybe you would like to share thoughts / questions with us, just fill out our online Connect Card below and someone will get back to you with answers.

If you have specific questions about a ministry area, feel free to email staff directly. 

Contact Khristy Hansen for reservation requests for the Alive facilities.

Please include date, time starting and ending, and number of people expected. Thank you. 

Get connected today and start bringing LIFE!