Council update on Dan Hoffman

Dear Family of Alive,

This email is a follow-up to our previous email on May 11th regarding the News 8 report about allegations against Dan Hoffman, our former Children’s Ministry Director. We are writing this email to inform you that the Council of Alive Ministries, after consideration and prayer, has made a Covenant of Conduct with Dan Hoffman to provide for his return to our worship services starting Sunday, July 16th. This covenant contains provisions that will ensure accountability, supervision, and area restrictions as necessary. We are confident that it will help us continue to ensure a safe and hospitable worship environment for all who attend Alive.

Should you have any questions related to this matter, please contact any council member and they will be glad to talk with you more about it.


The council of Alive

A-B families

(elder) Conrad Vanderwerf: (please wait to contact until fully recovered)

(deacon) Teresa Waterloo: 616-450-6498,

C-G families

(elder) Rol Scholma: 616-299-2775,

(deacon) Kim Haverdink: 616-915-1962,

H-K families

(elder) Stephanie Elders: 616-262-7175,

(deacon) Jeff Wierenga: 616-299-7822,

L-Q families

(elder) Bob Palma: 616-340-5343,

(deacon) Shelley Vanderwal: 616-892-4055,

R-U families

(elder) Katie Elliott: 616-634-3942,

(deacon) Brian Karsten: 616-892-4055,

V-Z families

(elder) Steve Kloosterhouse: 616-896-3167,

(deacon) Dale Cammenga: 616-662-0836,